Single Hive Honey

Our honey is hive-specific because we believe in celebrating the unique characteristics and flavors that each hive's environment imparts to the honey it produces. By selecting honey from individual hives, we can offer our customers a truly authentic and diverse tasting experience. Each hive is situated in a distinct landscape, surrounded by its own array of flora, whether it's vibrant garden flowers, lush trees, or native hedgerows. This environment influences the foraging habits of our bees and ultimately shapes the flavor profile of the honey they produce. By honoring the individuality of each hive, we not only provide a richer tasting experience but also highlight the biodiversity and richness of the natural world.


Apis mellifera mellifera

We exclusively utilize AMM (Apis mellifera mellifera) bees, in alignment with our commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices and biodiversity conservation. We prioritize the preservation of genetic diversity and the promotion of indigenous bee populations. Our choice of AMM bees not only ensures resilient and adaptable colonies but also contributes to the ecological integrity of their habitats. By supporting AMM bees, we uphold the principles of responsible beekeeping and environmental stewardship, nurturing a harmonious relationship between bee and environment.